Seeking therapy  tends to stir up mixed emotions within us.  We wish to find answers to problems with family and friends, and hope that our anxieties and turmoil within will start to make sense so we can move on with our lives in confidence and strength.

Coming to a therapist takes a great deal of courage, and is never a sign of weakness.  Facing ongoing stresses and burdens of unexpected life role changes, growing resentments toward others, unresolved grief and loss, etc. shake our foundations and we feel lost.  Finding our way becomes difficult to manage alone and at times seems overwhelming.  

As a client, trust that you already hold the wisdom and strength to get through the struggles and find the path of your own life. In therapy, we explore the challenges that seem overwhelming and seek out meanings of the self destructive habits we acquired to help us deal with difficult feelings. As your therapist, my role is to encourage you through the journey of becoming more present, proactive, compassionate and joyful in life.

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